Week 8

Our first week home! Dimitri and I are both sleeping much better now. Dimitri is working very hard on his rehab six days a week, 4-5 hours a day. The gym and pool stuff I do with him. I have even done acupuncture on him and then on me to give me a bit of a boost too. I slept 20 hours straight once my husband came home.

Dimitri is on the waitlist for OT for hand therapy. In the meantime, I have given him several hand exercises, as has his OT from the hospital.

Dimitri continues to make progress. This week he can type with both hands and can get out of bed easier. Dimitri can also swim 5 yards with a flotation device around his waist. All the exercises I modify/progress daily depending on how he is feeling.

I have purposely left out the many dark days, as we each focus on the little blessings each day. This journey is also a big head game that requires tremendous perseverance and positivity.