Our little people can come with physical therapy needs at a very young age. This can include torticollis ( stiff neck ) from a traumatic birth or being stuck in the birth canal. The head shape can sometimes be affected, causing the need for a little helmet to correct the shape. This early Physio intervention is essential for wearing glasses, so ears are level and fitting/wearing a helmet for some sports like hockey and cycling.

Kids play and are active, and they too can get injured and require Physio to help them quickly get back on track. A good Physio will make sure there is no compensation or bio-mechanical breakdowns thus preventing possible injuries from that compensation. We also look at training volumes and overuse from one sport ie stress fractures in competitive gymnasts.

Some children with special needs like Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, or delays in gross motor skills make them a little awkward and clumsy compared to their peers. This may be picked up from you, a coach, or a gym teacher.

We at Sunshine Sport Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation can help assess and come up with a plan to help your child, that will be fun and effective. We always collaborate with caregivers and you are welcome to watch us, as we help your child.