Week 3

Dimitri made remarkable progress this week! He has already been transferred to Rehab. He receives 30 minutes of hospital PT/OT every weekday. He and I continue for hours a day working on neuro physio - rolling/sitting and orthopedic physio, which has made these functional movements possible.

A big goal of ours was to “wake up” the bladder to work on its own and prevent bladder infections. Once I could get Dimitri to roll onto his tummy, I could do acupuncture and IMS to stimulate the bladder along his back. This process usually takes weeks to get to this stage safely. Fortunately, the needling worked, and he immediately was able to go to the washroom on his own and has since!

The “team” is shocked by Dimitri’s progress and offered me a job as I could help many, many folks here with my skills which is so true, but I love serving my community at Sunshine Physio and Sports Rehabilitation.